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Buko PandanBy TimBuko Pandan is a creamy and tasty dessert made from the combination of green gelatin flavored with the fragrant pandan and the slivers of young coconut meat smothered into the richness of all-purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk is simply divine.
Buko Monggo Ice DropBy adminBuko Monggo Ice Drop crowned with sweet red mung beans. Its easy to make, you can do it by yourself. All of monggo icream’s ingredients are affordable and easy to find in any markets. I got this recipe on my mother who doing this every summer. So i’d like to share it with you guys. Now let’s start in how to make this!
PANDESAL OR PAN DE SALBy TimPANDESAL OR PAN DE SAL It’s a slightly sweet, soft and fluffy white bread roll that tastes amazing with salty cheese. I like it with gouda, edam, or smoked cheddar. It’s best served warm fresh from the oven. As a kid, I loved eating it with peanut butter.
Pork Barbecue Filipino StyleBy TimFilipino pork barbecue is a popular street food in the Philippines as well as a regular mainstay at parties and special gatherings.
MANG INASAL RECIPE | Malolos Chicken GrilledBy Tim One thing I like about this simple Filipino Grilled Chicken dish is the aromatic smell of the spices infused in the marinade. So I hope you give this recipe a try so you can have your own version of the Mang Inasal na Manok.
Leche FlanBy TimLeche Flan is the ultimate sweet treat! Rich, smooth, and creamy with golden caramel topping, this classic Filipino custard is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
Chicken AsadoBy TimThis dish is filled with aromatic ingredients that are sure to make your dining table smell absolutely divine. Fresh tomatoes and a dash of atsuete oil also make this chicken asado recipe taste extra good.
Ube Ice CreamBy TimFilipinos are very fond of this purple root crop as it is widely used for traditional desserts like Ube Halaya and Sapin-sapin, as well as other Ube- flavored “kakanin” or rice cakes. It is also used in a lot of modern recipes like Ube Pandesal, Ube cakes and ice cream, as well as fillings for Hopia and Buchi.
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