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Dinakdakan RecipeBy DhenzDinakdakan is an Ilocano delicacy made with grilled pork parts such as the face, ears, liver. The charred meats are chopped into small pieces and tossed in a tangy calamansi or vinegar dressing with minced ginger, red onions and chili peppers. Added with mayonnaise is then stirred in to add creaminess.
Kilawing Puso ng SagingBy DhenzKilawing Puso ng Saging . I remember first eating this Pinoy dish at Barrio Fiesta. We can consider Kilawing Puso ng Saging as a simple recipe that can be cooked during regular days. This is also budget friendly because banana blossoms are not expensive at all.
Easy Pork Adobo With Coke RecipeBy DhenzThis version of pork adobo is with a twist because it contains coca-cola. Which is, I think the most popular softdrink here in our country. And combining both a popular Filipino dish with a popular softdrink is I think will produce a dish that will also be listed as one of the favorite Pinoy dish.
Simple and Easy Adobo RecipeBy DhenzThere are 100 ways of cooking adobo and we all have our own recipe. I am sharing this recipe because others who have never cooked adobo just want to know how to prepare it the simple way.
Deep-fried DILISBy DhenzDilis are a Filipino delicacy consisting of anchovies, often dried, that are lightly battered before being deep-fried and served hot as an appetizer.
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